Creekside Elementary Family Night

Creekside Elementary Family Night

We had our first school event this past Tuesday evening, providing photo booth services for Creekside Elementary School in Sun Prairie from 5-7 PM. Dozens and dozens of children (along with their parents and even a few teachers) got to have their photos taken, which were then sent directly to their parent’s phones to keep things simple. Some of the kids used virtual props set up through our Snappic software, while others took advantage of some zany physical props we brought as well (a tote full of silly glasses).

Each guest (or small group of guests) had four separate images taken, which were then uploaded to our cloud server (as well as their parent’s phones) so school staff could review all the photos in one place. Like all other Kindred Spirits photo booth events, those uploaded images (a grand total of 218) will remain online for the next two years.

Marsha Kath posing at Creekside Elementary School and her AI rendition as a fictional football player
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We also configured five AI options to choose from: Color Explosion, Cowboy, Cyberpunk, Football Player and Wizard. Individuals then had their photo taken and, through the magic of AI, their likeness was rendered into what they had chosen. For example, here’s Marsha re-imagined as a football player!

We’re hoping to do a LOT more school events in the future! With the event Tuesday evening, we provided our “Basic Booth (iPad only)” package that includes the photo booth, ability to send images to email and smart phones, AI renditions and a little graphic customization, all for just $200 (and for non-profits like a school, we’ll take 25% off automatically). So, spread the word regarding what we can do for schools and other non-profits!

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