“Modern” Booth Options

Our Modern (iPad) Photo Booth

While our traditional photo booth and SpinCam 360 offerings are straightforward, our modern (iPad) photo booth experience comes with a TON of options. This is mostly due to the Snappic software we’ve chosen, which is incredibly powerful and can do some amazing things!

For those choosing our modern (iPad) photo booth experience, you’ll therefore want to know about the many options available so you can plan and customize your event exactly to your liking. Hence, review everything that follows so you’ll have a good idea of what to ask about when it comes time to prepare your event!

The modern photobooth experience from Kindred Spirits Photo Booth Services

Featuring our MobiBooth Cruise PLUS and SNAPPIC software!

Our modern (iPad) photo booths can generate four different media: photos, AI photos, GIFs and videos

Modern (iPad) Media Options: Photos, AI Photos, GIFs, & Video

Media Options

Every Modern (iPad) photo booth experience can generate up to four different types of media:

  • Regular Photos – One to four pictures per interaction with the photo booth
  • AI Photos – A single guest image augmented with AI (artificial intelligence)
  • GIF – Simple animated GIF or “burst” GIF (16 images in rapid succession)
  • Video – 30 seconds of captured video, then filtered for super cool results!

Any combination of these four media types can be selected for use.

Background Options

You’ll have a LOT of options when it comes to determining what background to use!

  • None – The event itself serves as the media background (or, perhaps, a blank wall)
  • Client-Provided – The client provides the background (typically a graphic backdrop)
  • Gold Drape – Simple gold drape containing sequins used as the backdrop
  • Custom Drape – Another drape of the client’s choosing (may require an additional fee)
  • Custom Print – Custom printed backdrop selected by the client (requires an additional fee)
  • Green Screen – A green background drape is used to replace the background with an image
    • Chroma Key (requires well lit backdrop; green shade is replaced even on clothing)
    • Offline AI (replaces ordinary background with custom image)
    • Online AI (better background replacement but requires an additional fee)
A fun disco-based backdrop used at a local Kindred Spirits photo booth event

A Fun, Disco-based Client-provided Background

A woman standing alongside a Kindred Spirit photo booth

Select from a Wide Diversity of Event Options!

Event Options

Each event can be configured with a whole slew of options!

  • Printing – Images sent to wireless printer (results can be placed into black paper frames if requested)
  • Social Media – Images can automatically be sent to Instagram and/or Facebook accounts
  • Email – Images can be sent to an entered email address (utilizes custom template)
  • Text Messaging – Images can be texted to an entered phone number (via custom template)
  • Microsite – Specific online URL where all media is uploaded for review and retrieval
  • Filters – Allows guests to pass their images through selected graphic/video filters
  • Digital Props – Allows guests to select digital props added to all images
  • Surveys – Presents a custom survey to guests (requires an additional fee)
  • Spin to Win – Provides a chance to win prizes (requires an additional fee)
  • Dropbox – Automatically upload files to a specific Dropbox account
  • Guest Analytics – Captures online/social media analytics for future review
  • QR Interaction – Allows a “touchless” experience utilizing QR codes and the guest’s phone
  • QR Sharing – Allows guests to scan a QR code and receive their photos automatically
  • Privacy – Guest data is automatically cleared after each photo has been sent out
  • Camera Countdown – Number of seconds between each photo (defaults to three)
  • Require Disclaimer – Force guests to confirm a disclaimer before receiving their photos

Media Template Options

Select one or more of the following template options:

  • Single Photo (White Frame) – 6×4, 4×6, 4×6 “Polaroid” Print
  • Single Photo (No Frame) – 6×4 and 4×6
  • Two Photo White Frame – 6×4 only
  • Three Photo Options – 6×4 white frame, 2×6 full photo strip, 2×6 photo strip with space
  • Four Photo Options – 6×4 white frame, 2×6 photo strip
A variety of template options to choose from with a Kindred Spirits photo booth

A Variety of Media Templates to Choose From

A variety of template themes are available when utilizing a Kindred Spirits photo booth

Over Two Dozen Template Themes are Available

Template Themes

Choose an Existing Template Theme (or build one from scratch):

  • ‘80s
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Birthday
  • Chinese New Year
  • Christmas
  • Christmas Office Party
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Disco
  • Easter
  • Father’s Day
  • Graduation
  • Halloween
  • Hanukkah
  • Independence Day
  • Kwanzaa
  • Mother’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Prom
  • Quinceañera
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • The Big Game
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Wedding

Custom Configuration

  • Event Title – Client named event title
  • Secure Online Gallery – Default is no but gallery can be secured with a unique password
  • Text Message – Actual message displayed when guests text their photos to their phone
  • Photo Background Image – Graphic file to use as the background if needed by client
  • Video Templates – Wide diversity… have to see them to select them!
A couple in yellow shirts enjoying a Kindred Spirits photo booth

Even More Configurations to Choose From

The owner of Kindred Spirits utilizing the AI functionality of the photo booth

Choose from Dozens of AI Filters

AI Filter Options

  • Face Swap – Allows a guest to swap his/her face with a static graphic image
  • Holiday
    • Christmas (festive, toon, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, portrait, whimsical)
    • Day of the Dead (male and female)
  • Style
    • Effect (color portrait, color splash)
    • Theme (cyberpunk, 1980s, 90s yearbook, pirate, Victorian Era, astronaut, viking, 1920s)
    • Fantasy (wizard)
    • Professions (doctor, military pilot, chef, lawyer, construction worker, mechanic, teacher, fire fighter, police officer)
    • Sports (runner)
  • Pop Culture
    • Comics & Anime (comic, comic 2)
    • Fantasy & Sci-Fi (action figure, play doll, hero, steampunk, dreamscape, fairy tale, gothic, dark, grunge, alien)
    • Cartoons (cartoon prince, cartoon princess)
    • Anime
    • Games (fighter game, cube art, retro arcade, retro game, RPG)
    • Fashion (techwear)
  • Art Styles
    • Digital Art (pixel art, illustration, low-poly, neon punk)
    • Modern Art (pop art vibrant, abstract, cubic, art deco, pop art, psychedelic, minimal, monochrome)
    • Art Techniques (paper collage, line art, pointillism, watercolor, collage, gouache, ink wash, grisaille, pastel)
    • Cinematic (cinematic still, film noir)
    • Street Art (graffiti, street art)
    • Classic Art (impressionist, renaissance, surrealist, fauvist, folk art)
    • Artist Inspired (Van Gogh, pop art modern, splatter)
    • Historical (1920s, 1050s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s)
    • Music (vaporwave)
  • Professional Life
    • Historical (old photograph)
    • Occupations (fire fighter, race car driver, police officer, astronaut, business, commercial pilot, doctor, construction worker, chef, teacher, baker)
    • Holidays (valentines)
  • Creative Forms (age increase)

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