Our SpinCam 360 has Arrived!

Our SpinCam 360 has Arrived!

Our new SpinCam 360 video booth system recently arrived! Consisting of a tall mechanism that allows a cell phone to revolve horizontally around its owner 360 degrees, two large monitors and a black scrim with our Kindred Spirits logo and URL on it, we set it up at home to give the device a spin (no pun intended) and play with it. We’ve also purchased a five foot wide circular red carpet and six stanchions to place around the SpinCam so guests will know where to safely stand either within the revolving camera area or outside of it.

We will be exhibiting the SpinCam at our upcoming WedPlan Madison Spring Wedding Show on April 16th from 4:30 – 8:30 PM at the Marriott West in Middleton. Not only will we have the SpinCam there but it will be a featured component of the overall show, so come out and play with the device yourself if you can!

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At the wedding show, we will not only showcase our new iPad-based photo booth itself but many of the capabilities of the software package we use as well. For example, in addition to the standard photo booth images (one, two or three to a print) we can record animated .gifs, photo-bursts (16 images taken in very rapid succession) and even video shorts, complete with some wild filters that are a lot of fun. We’ll also be demonstrating how we can replace the photo background with an image of choice, so there will be lots to see and play with (see our new Options and Process page for complete details)!

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