Our Process

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Several guests enjoying a Kindred Spirits photo boothWe don’t just show up with a photo booth on the night of your event, drop it off and pick it up the next day. We take the time to learn all about you, your event, your expectations and what you truly want.

To ensure consistency, professionalism and the best chance for a fun and successful event, we’ve adopted the following process that we suggest all our clients follow. It’s always OK to change things up as needed, but, in general, this is the approach we take to nearly all of our photo booth events.

The process typically starts with the completion of our site’s Contact Us page. There, we collect some basic information such as your contact information, the type, date and location of your event, whether you’re a non-profit organization (to which we provide a generous 25% discount) and any general message you’d like to provide.

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll answer any specific questions you have and send you an online proposal that lists our specific photo booth packages for you to choose from. Note that you don’t have to select a specific package; we do allow an option to pick and choose individual services as well and assemble your own custom package!

Upon selection of a package (or collection of individual services), we’ll email you an initial $200 deposit invoice that you can pay directly online (via our Stripe provider). The non-refundable deposit secures your requested date on our availability calendar and ensures that nobody else can select your date.

If you would prefer to pay by check, we will provide a mailing address. Alternatively, we can proceed to the next step and meet in person to accept cash or a check as well.

About two to three months out from the event, we’ll schedule a primary meeting to collect information, go over all the options, make a variety of decisions together and generally discuss the upcoming event. The results of the meeting will be compiled and made available via the client portal that is created for all Kindred Spirit PBS clients.

Meetings are typically done online via Zoom but can be done in person at a Madison area-based venue (or, potentially, the event venue itself). Clients should plan on spending one to two hours at the primary meeting.

Based on the event details collected at the primary meeting, a formal contract will be developed by Kindred Spirits PBS and sent to the client’s online portal for review, discussion and subsequent signing. The contract is relatively simple and easy to understand and shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

However, clients can edit the contract if desired–just let us know, and if we agree to the edits, we’ll implement them and re-release the amended contract to the client for an online signature.

About two to three weeks out from the event, we’ll schedule a follow-up meeting to go over everything, demo the artwork, text copy and process intended to be followed, collect any outstanding payment and generally ensure that everything is ready to go. The follow-up meeting is best done in person, but we can easily accommodate an online Zoom meeting instead.

Clients should plan on spending 30-60 minutes at this follow-up meeting. Note that some clients can skip this step if their event is straightforward and the meeting is unnecessary.

Clients must make their final event payment (entire cost of the event minus the $200 deposit already received) at least TWO WEEKS before the event itself. This requirement is written into the contract; should final payment not be received, no photo booth services will be rendered on the day of the event.

Like the original deposit, clients will be encouraged to pay for their event online via the portal created for them. However, a check or cash can also be used if desired.

On the actual day of the event, at least one Kindred Spirits PBS attendant will arrive at the venue, typically one to two hours before the start of festivities. Services are normally provided for three hours; should a longer time be requested (outside of the original contract), Kindred Spirits reserves the right to bill the client after the event (typically $100/hour).

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