“Traditional” Booth Options

Our Traditional (digital camera) Booth

While not as robust or fully-featured as our more modern iPad-driven booth, our “traditional” photo booth system has served us well since 2016 and is still going strong today! The two main differences are the use of a digital camera instead of a mobile device camera (which takes photos in a higher resolution) along with all the physical props.

For those choosing our traditional (digital camera) photo booth experience, you’ll have more limited choices but many actually prefer the simplicity of the booth. Review what follows so you’ll have a good idea of what to ask about when it comes time to prepare your event!

The classic photobooth experience from Kindred Spirits Photo Booth Services

Featuring our traditional photo booth with digital camera and props

Series of photo booth strips taken in Waunakee, WI in October 2022 (Witch Walk)

Waunakee Witch Walk photo booth strips (October 2022)

Photo Strip Options

Our traditional (digital camera) photo booth experience takes three photos per group of guests, then prints those photos out on two 2 x 6″ strips. These strips can be configured as follows:

  • Strip Theme – We have a variety of wedding and holiday/seasonal themes
  • Background Color – We can customize the background color or texture
  • Custom Image – A custom image can be inserted into the bottom of the strip
  • Custom Text – A custom line of text can be added (along with the event date)

Any combination of these four strip options can be requested.

Background Options

You’ll have several options when it comes to determining what background to use!

  • None – The event itself serves as the media background (or, perhaps, a blank wall)
  • Client-Provided – The client provides the background (typically a graphic backdrop)
  • Sequined Drape – Simple gold drape containing sequins (other colors may be available)
  • Custom Drape – Another drape of the client’s choosing (may require an additional fee)
  • Custom Print – Custom printed backdrop selected by the client (requires an additional fee)

Traditional photo booth backdrop and props

Custom wedding scrapbook made in 2016

Custom Wedding Scrapbook Made in 2016

Event Options

Each event can be configured with several options!

  • Dropbox – Photos manually uploaded to a specific Dropbox account at end of event
  • Physical Props – Allows guests to be photographed wearing/using variety of props
  • Printing – Images sent to conventional printer (pair of 2 x 6″ strips)
  • Scrapbook – Guests sign and fill the scrapbook with their photos and silly stickers
  • Thumb Drive – All photos saved to a physical thumb drive and presented to bride

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